Hunt Companies

Nearly 70 years ago, Hunt began as a small, family-owned lumber, hardware and building supply store in El Paso, Texas. Today, Hunt is a full-service real estate company, with $26.3 billion in assets under management.

From affordable and multifamily housing, public infrastructure and commercial properties, to our focus on management of assets, investments and financing, Hunt’s experience in the public and private sector is unparalleled. Hunt can solve the most complex development, investment and management issues by leveraging our capabilities across affiliates, subsidiaries and divisions. Hunt is dedicated to adding value in every sector in which we operate – every person, every project, every time these are Values that Build.™.

Hunt Companies, Inc. is owned and managed by the Woody L. Hunt family of El Paso, Texas.


  • $26.3 billion gross assets under management

Assets Under Management Include:

  • 271,770 multifamily housing units
  • 5.2 million square feet of office, retail and industrial properties

Real Estate Service Capabilities:

  • 92,891 housing units built
  • Over $6.4 billion in project development costs
  • Multifamily assets under management includes 214,034 affordable housing, 18,687 coventional and 39,049 military units
  • Property management of 17,750 military housing units
  • Planning, project management, design, maintenance and management services for public facilities and social infrastructure projects in 17 countries.
  • 31,790 multifamily units managed by LEDIC
  • $11.7 billion Moss and Legacy Hunt total construction value on completed projects
  • 135,000 multifamily units managed by Pinnacle
  • Moss construction backlog over $900 million

*Data as of 12/31/13

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