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Daniel Hughes
Chairman, LEDIC Realty Company

Daniel Hughes

Daniel was the founder of Summit Housing Partners, LLC, and served as the Chief Executive Officer of BSR Trust, LLC until the transaction that expanded the LEDIC platform. Prior to founding Summit in 1996, he was an investment banker with a focus on housing and economic development. He is a trustee of the approximately $3.5 billion Alabama Heritage Fund, which receives royalties from oil and gas extraction and makes annual deposits to the State of Alabama's budget. Mr. Hughes also is Vice Chairman of the State's College Counts Board of Directors, which oversees Alabama' 529 College Savings Plan and serves as Executive Committee Member and Treasurer of State of Alabama Archives and Historical Foundation. He is a past member of the Board of Directors of the Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce and was Chairman in 2009. He is a prior Trustee and Executive Committee Member for the Alabama Real Estate Research and Education Center.