Global Public Infrastructure

For decades, Hunt has implemented public infrastructure services including development, construction, financing, and management resources to create long-term, creative partnerships within the public sector. Hunt’s multifaceted skill set spans all aspects of infrastructure development to meet the commitments and fiduciary responsibilities of our public sector partners.

Hunt’s affiliate, Amber Infrastructure Group Holdings Limited, is a global leader in P3. Headquartered in London, Amber has closed and delivered 167 projects around the world, sourcing, developing, advising, and investing its own capital for P3s in a broad array of sectors. Amber and Hunt are leveraging their expertise to solve public infrastructure challenges throughout the U.S., Europe, Australia, and Canada.

Alternative Energy

Hunt focuses on long-term investments in distributed generation, both solar and natural gas related technologies. Hunt and its affiliates design, build, operate and own solar and combined heat and power assets for the commercial, municipal, and government sectors in the U.S. These assets are increasingly in high demand as the U.S. energy infrastructure goes through large scale transformation, shifting from traditional power sources to cleaner, more efficient and more reliant power.