Approved Vendors

Hunt Companies, Inc. and all our affiliated companies would like to take this opportunity to thank all our vendors for their services and support of our business.

New Vendors

We have partnered with PaymentWorks to collect and confirm vendor information. PaymentWorks is a cloud-based software that is free to our vendors. Using PaymentWorks allows Hunt to provide a streamlined and secure portal for our vendors to manage their remittance, banking, and tax information, eliminating the need to provide this sensitive information via a less secure method such as email. PaymentWorks uses industry leading software to confirm the information provided. This process helps to protect Hunt Companies and our vendors from fraudulent activity.

You can find more information about PaymentWorks on their website:

Vendor Registration:

Once invited to become a Hunt Companies vendor, you will receive an email invitation from Hunt Companies that will enable you to register in PaymentWorks.

  • Be prepared to provide your tax information including your tax id or SSN, legal entity name and tax status.
  • Consider your Payment method options:
    • Virtual Credit Card - Hunt Companies highly prefer Virtual Credit Card payments for our vendors as they are the most secure payment method. To accept Virtual Credit Card payments, vendors must have an existing merchant services relationship (already accepts credit cards for payment) and all payments made via Virtual Credit Card are subject to the merchant service fees the vendor has in place with their merchant service provider.
    • ACH – if you have a domestic US bank account and are unable to accept a Virtual Credit Card payment, please select ACH as your payment method. You will need to provide your bank account number, bank routing number and bank address along with a copy of a voided check or invoice showing your banking information.
    • Wire – This remittance option is only available for foreign vendors who do not have a domestic US bank account
  • Click on the Help button in the PaymentWorks portal for help while navigating the portal.

Should you have any questions about PaymentWorks or the Hunt Companies vendor management process, please email

Please note that the Hunt Accounts Payable department will not respond to solicitations. New vendor relationships are established by the operating business divisions of Hunt Companies.

Please reference our Hunt Conflict of Interest for guidance.