Corporate Officers

Hunt Executive Leadershipback

Woody Hunt, Senior Chairman of the Board

Mike Hunt, Vice Chairman

Chris Hunt, Chief Executive Officer

Joshua Hunt, Executive Vice President

Kara Harchuck, Executive Vice President, General Counsel

Clay Parker, Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

Dan Singer, Executive Vice President

Marc DeFife, Executive Vice President

Real Estate Investments

Guy Arnold, President, Hunt Real Estate

Justin Chapman, President, Southwest Community Development

Steve Colón, President, Development, Hawai'i Division

Gary Sapp, President, Development, Southwest Region

Military Communities

John Ehle, President

Public Infrastructure

Giles Frost, Chief Executive Officer, Amber Infrastructure

Hugh Blaney, Executive Director, Head of Origination, Amber Infrastructure

Sinclair Cooper, President, Public Infrastructure, Development

Mark Begeny, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, Alternative Energy

Robin Vaughn, President, Public Infrastructure, Capital Markets

Financial Services
Mortgage Banking

James Flynn, President, Chief Investment Officer - Hunt Investment Management

Affordable Housing Syndication

Jeff Weiss, President, Hunt Capital Partners

Dana Mayo, Executive Managing Director, Hunt Capital Partners

Investment Management

Guy Arnold, COO, Hunt Companies, Inc.

Michael Falcone, EVP, Hunt Investment Management

Asset Services

Bob Moss, Chairman/Chief Executive Officer, Moss & Associates

Scott Moss, President, Moss & Associates


Eli Gage, Chief Executive Officer, CGL Companies

Joe E. Lee, Chief Executive Officer, CGL Facility Management

Robert Glass, Executive Vice President, CGL Design Services

Property Management

Rick L. Graf, President & Chief Executive Officer, Pinnacle

Pierce Ledbetter, CEO, LEDIC Realty Company

Daniel Hughes, Chairman, LEDIC Realty Company