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Posted: Jun 10, 2020

Avanta Residential Launches As New Business Unit of Hunt Companies

Avanta Residential Launches As New Business Unit of Hunt Companies

Hunt Companies, Inc. announced today the formation of a new business unit which will create purpose-built single-family rental neighborhoods in targeted regions of the U.S.  The new business unit, named Avanta Residential, will work with investors, major homebuilders, and land developers to deliver quality affordable single-family rental homes.

“Avanta brings the depth of experience from its parent, Hunt, to this relatively new sector,” said Jim Dobbie, President of Avanta Residential.  “We are seeing a real shift in the mindset about home rental and ownership.  Particularly millennials seem to want the convenience and flexibility of renting, but in floorplans and with the privacy that typically comes with home-ownership.”   

Hunt has a 30+ year history developing, building, and operating single-family rentals having delivered over 70,000 units representing development costs of over $9 billion. 

The SFR sector has been flourishing, despite a slowing in rental rates and velocity in typical multifamily rental developments. Single-family rentals are distinguished by amenity-rich neighborhoods that provide people with privacy, community, convenience of parking, and personal outdoor space that many crave.  Front porches, backyards, community greens, and beautiful streets make the neighborhoods desirable rental communities.




About Avanta

Avanta Residential is the single-family rental division of Hunt Companies, Inc. (Hunt).  Drawing on Hunt’s extensive real estate background and more than $9 billion in completed developments, Avanta is positioned to set the standard for the industry by creating purpose-built neighborhoods comprised of single-family rental homes. For more information,