Financial Services

Because of our company’s longevity, experience, and reputation, we have an incredibly broad real estate market reach including partners, lenders, issuers, investors, advisers, and underwriters.

This reach helps us identify the most cost-effective financing structures and attractive risk-adjusted return investment opportunities for our clients.

We provide our mortgage lending, mortgage servicing, LIHTC syndication, asset and investment management, and broker-dealer services through these major subsidiaries:

Hunt Real Estate Capital

Hunt Real Estate Capital finances all types of commercial real estate: multifamily properties (including small balance), affordable housing, healthcare/senior living, retail, office, industrial, and manufactured housing. Hunt Mortgage Group offers Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, HUD/ FHA, and its own proprietary loan products, maintaining a commercial loan portfolio of $15.1 billion.

Hunt Capital Partners

Asset manager, funds manager, and syndicator for the affordable housing industry, using low income housing tax credits. Also acquires limited partnership interests in LIHTC properties and holds these investments until they are syndicated.

Hunt Investment Management

An SEC-registered investment adviser, Hunt Investment Management has more than $3.6 billion in real estates assets managed in private real estate equity funds and separate accounts invested across all real estate sectors and property types in the U.S. and Europe. Equity investments specialize in value-add multifamily, development, as well as commercial sectors and build-to-core projects. Debt-oriented investments include all CMBS tranches, mezzanine loans, and preferred equity. The firm taps Hunt’s vertically-integrated real estate operating platform for development and construction services, property management, mortgage lender originations, and mortgage servicing.

Cazenovia Creek Investment Management

Specializes in the acquisition and asset management of real estate tax lien certificates and tax deeds.

MMA Capital Holdings, Inc.

MMA Capital Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: MMAC) utilizes its extensive real estate and renewable energy experience to generate returns and manage risks for shareholders through two business lines. MMA Capital Holdings, Inc. leverages bonds for affordable housing and infrastructure as well as financing the development, construction and operation of renewable energy systems through debt capital.

Hunt Companies Finance Trust

Hunt Companies Finance Trust (NYSE: HCFT) is a real estate investment trust (“REIT”) focused on investing in, financing and managing a portfolio of residential mortgage-backed securities (“RMBS”), residential mortgage loans and other mortgage related investments.